Non-Sworn Personnel

AdobeStock_75061721 [Converted]-03A non-sworn officer does not have to be state certified, and has no powers of arrest. Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs the following non-sworn personnel:


Lori Anderson Communications Director
Brent Grove Communications Supervisor
Cassi Hoferer Communications Operator
Sheila Muldoon Communications Operator
Tori Goebel Communications Operator
Ty Johnson Communications Operator
Sydney Rice Communications Operator
Kylee Nielsen Communications Operator
Jack Blatter Communications Operator (PT)
Evelyn Larson Communications Operator (PT)
Jacob Dunn Communications Operator (PT)
Makayla Schrunk Corrections Sergeant
Shelby Keas Corrections Sergeant
Craig Schlachter Corrections Corporal
Reid Livermore Corrections Corporal
Kristopher Breedlove Corrections Corporal
Haley Kulus Corrections Officer
Sarah Price Corrections Officer
Kaitlyn Bouska Corrections Officer
Tyler Frahm Corrections Officer
Jordan Groves Corrections Officer
Miranda Kologenski Corrections Officer
Rachelle Brown Corrections Officer
Edward Llewellyn Corrections Officer
Anna Lytle Corrections Officer
Jordynn Jensen Corrections Officer
Victoria Mclear Corrections Officer
Jessica Penry Corrections Officer
Casey Petersen Corrections Officer
Nicholas Schroeder Corrections Officer
Administrative Assistants /VIN Inspector  
Annie Smith Office Manager
Joy Stewart Administrative Assistant
Kelsie McGinn Administrative Assistant
Susan Johnson Administrative Assistant