Non-Sworn Personnel

AdobeStock_75061721 [Converted]-03A non-sworn officer does not have to be state certified, and has no powers of arrest. Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs the following non-sworn personnel:

Number Name Rank/Position
92960 Kelsey Barnes Corrections Officer
92961 Carol Hanneman Corrections Officer
92962 Shelby Keas Corrections Officer
92963 Craig Schlacther Corrections Officer
92964 Corrections Officer
92965 Amber Kult Corrections Officer
92966 Ashley Robinson Corrections Officer
92967 Shawna Neumann Corrections Officer
92968 Brice Beckman Corrections Officer
92969 Kris Breedlove Corrections Officer
92970 Louis Lamb Court Security – PT
92971 Miranda Anderson Corrections Officer
92972 Cole Welchert PT Corrections Officer
92973 Makayla Schrunk Corrections Officer
Number Name Rank/Position
92950 BJ Grove Communications Supervisor
92951 Cassi Hauck Communications Dispatcher
92952 Jacob Roberts Communications Dispatcher
92953 Kylee Nielsen Communications Dispatcher
92954 Lori Anderson Communications Dispatcher
92955 Ty Johnson Communications Dispatcher
92956 Martha Brensel Communications Dispatcher PT
92957 Joshua Menard Communications Dispatcher
92958 Madelynn Conradson Communications Dispatcher
92959 Communications Dispatcher PT
Name Position
Joy Stewart Clerical – Corrections
Diane Heald Clerical
Annie Smith Clerical – Civil Process
Amy Thallas Clerical
Jim VanCleave VIN Inspector
Name Position
Gary Cook Dietary Coordinator