Non-Sworn Personnel

AdobeStock_75061721 [Converted]-03A non-sworn officer does not have to be state certified, and has no powers of arrest. Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs the following non-sworn personnel:


Number Name Rank/Position
92960 Corrections Officer
92961 Kristopher Breedlove Corrections Officer
92962 Shelby Keas Corrections Officer – Corporal
92963 Craig Schlacther Corrections Officer
92964 Reid Livermore Corrections Officer
92965 Corrections Officer
92966 Corrections Officer
92967 Stacy Hart Corrections Officer – Part-time
92968 Haley Kulus Corrections Officer
92969 Olivia Method Corrections Officer
92970 Sarah Price Court Security – Part-time
92971 Madison Liechti Corrections Officer
92972 Uriel Borunda Corrections Officer
92973 Makayla Schrunk Corrections Officer
92974 Angelique Muessingmann Corrections Officer
Number Name Rank/Position
N/A Lori Anderson Communications Director
92950 Brent Grove Communications Supervisor
92951 Cassi Hoferer Communications Operator
92952 Jacob Roberts Communications Operator – Part-time
92953 Sheila Muldoon Communications Operator
92954 Tori Swan Communications Operator
92955 Ty Johnson Communications Operator
92956 Martha Brensel Communications Operator – Part-time
92957 Evelyn Sprick Communications Operator
92958 Jessica Penry Communications Operator
92959 Shannon McClary Communications Operator
N/A Communications Operator
Name Position
Joy Stewart Clerical – Corrections
Kelsie Barnes Clerical
Annie Smith Clerical – Civil Process
Susan Johnson Clerical
James VanCleave VIN Inspector
Name Position
Shawna Neumann Food Service Coordinator